Knit and the City

Doesn't the title say it all? I'm a 30 something knitter on the West Coast. Expect to read about my life with the guy, two ex-racing greyhounds and a couple of crazy cats!


That's it! Alright gang, please update your links and visit me in my new digs! Beware! The paint's still tacky! Knit and the City

I'm taking the rest of today off. I need a break. I need some sleep! No knitting, too pooped. Still don't have the upload file thing working from my IE browser. I'll ask the guy to surf for a new one later. Nighty night


I found the corkscrew. The guy had set it on the coffee table anticipating that I would open the wine there. Why should I do that? Kitchen, Hello! I often wonder how that man's mind works! Crazy, I know, but I love that man of mine!

Happy Birthday to me! All of 35 today! Woo Hoo! I recieved 2 bottles of wine for my birthday and was looking forward to sampling some. Um, seems I can't find the corkscrew. Now what am I going to do? Anyone know how to open wine without a corkscrew? Anyone? Anyone> Beuller? Beuller?


Here I am!  Being sneaky at work!  I emailed my pics to myself but it looks like only 2 pics made it! Thank goodness it's the most important one! Birthday Surprise!


It's my b-day package from Terri!  Included were a T-shirt and tote bag from the Park she lives in, a little bear holding a Canadian Flag pin and my personal favourite, a little RCMP bear.  Terri knows I have a thing for men in uniform.  Especially those Mounties! A big shout out to Terri!  Thanks!


Tomorrow I'll try to get some more stuff transferred and put up.  Maybe not, it's supposed to be really busy!



Holy MF! This is really bad! I know I'm not up with all the latest and greatest upgrades and versions of browsers but c'mon! This totally sucks! Especially when I have a super birthday present from Terri to share! And a new project to show you on the needles! Grrr. I'm off to forward all the neat pics to my PC at work. Pray to god I don't get fired.


Another 12 plus hour day yesterday...ugh. It was super busy! After work I had to drive an hour to see my dear friend visiting from Korea! She looks mahvelous and seems to have mellowed a little with age. So, so, so nice to see her! Le buchet, aka the bucket hat, hasn't shrunk up any further. Any ideas on how to keep shrinking it? I guess I could just wash it every week with the blue jeans. They keep shrinking a smidge everytime you wash them so in theory the hat should too. I'll try it! And the wash out effect on the yarn is gorgeous! I have to renew my driver's license today. So I guess I'll try to do something to my hair and put a little makeup on. I'd like to have a nice picture. You never know with those DMV people though. I think they're trained to catch you in your worst moment!


Well, I finished the bucket hat I was making for the guy. I used an indigo dyed cotton. Nice cotton but the label did say that the garment may discolour while being knit up. Um...not the garment, the person knitting! My hands turned blue. I have pretty dry hands, I did work on it one day after I had been in the ocean and I turned very blue. All good though. The colour washed out easily. Now, it seems I have made another soup tureen. The label said to expect a 5% shrinkage. (Hah! The Seinfeld about shrinkage. Snarf!) Five percent is not a lot. This will be the hat's 3rd trip through a really hot wash for about 10 minutes and a tumble in the dryer as hot as it will go. I love the hand of this cotton knitted up. It's a great fabric, kinda stiff but soft. No flopsy mopsy. I can't wait till Bonne gets a Bucket together for the Sugar and Cream cotton. That should be a really great one. I still haven't done the zipper on the Cabled Hoodie. I'm going to blame the weather. And quote Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues. "This is like, Africa hot."


One day that upload file button will show up. Maybe it's time to surf for a new browser. A free browser that is. Jeeezus. It's not even 11am and I'm sittin' here in a cotton tank and my, well, undies and I'm sweating buckets. Holy hot, Batman! The girls are so quiet and still I have to check to see if they're breathing! The guy is off to Saturna Island to play a wedding at the vineyard. He usually plays there once a year in the summer. I've never been as it seems I always have to work or something. He took my CRV and I'm glad he did. At least he'll stay cool. I'm going to get cooled off now. Any suggestions for staying cool?


This still sucks. I'm wondering if I should give them any money next time around. Maybe it's time to explore other territories! No knitting as it's been smokin' hot! Phew! Stepping out into the lot today was like stepping into an oven set to broil. My pit stick did okay though. Still with the Secret Platinum, maybe I'm just getting used to the aroma of sweaty me? I dunno. Blogger without pics sucks. It sucks! Sucky sucky sucky!


Still no upload capability! Argh! Here's a snippet of what we did while we were away! The story continues!

Dammit, the upload file function is still not working. I'm going to have to forward my pics to work and upload from the PC. Grrrr...I know that Mac user issues are usually low on most list's to be fixed but I hope they do it soon! I don't want to get busted for 'net use at work. It's a dismissable offense! I think I might get off with a warning, after all it's not porn but I can see how knitting stuff could be construed as non-work related. I'll upload a new photo album to my page and post the link when I've got it up!


Houston, we have a problem...seems that I've lost the ability to upload pics. Hmmmm... Back with the fantastic trip update soon!


Ahhhhh... Off for some beach time. See you next Wednesday!


Rumoured to be in town filming a new Muppet movie. I'll be pulling some favours to get my picture with them. They rock! I think I've seen almost every Muppet movie made! And that Kermit is on my Top Ten Men list. -meow- No zipper yet. Maybe tonight during Amazing Race. One aside-the little person should have picked a better partner. Her cousin sucks. And she drools all over Phil. Yuck. Le Poope The guy put all the dog toys back into the storage basket this afternoon. By the time I got home the basket was empty.


A lot of posts about nothing really. I'm trying not to gripe about work. Since I work 11 hours a day that leaves little for me to talk about. So what do I got today? No knitting. The zipper is still freaking me out a bit. I'll look at it a bit more and figure it out. Patience is a virtue. What's procrastination? Did you know that bucket hats suit everyone?


I'm afraid. I'm very afraid. Of The ZIPPER! I know I shouldn't be. After all, I do have a degree in Fashion Design and a zipper's just another day at the office, right? Might turn out to be a challenging day at the office. I've been reading up on some tips and I think I've got it down. I'll be attempting it tonight. Send off those good vibes, folks! New FCEK on the shelf of the grocery store. There's a couple things in there that look worth trying. Most are in affordable yarn. Nice to see I don't have to spend $15 per 50g ball for a project! Now I'm thinking of my next project. Tank top. Possibly crochet. Maybe not. Unsure... Hm..... Pic of the day! She kinda looks like a brothel dog on that couch with that red collar!


Do you ever have one of those days? The ones where your partner drives you bonkers? Even the way he sneezes makes you crazy? I know the reason behind it. I want to finish some of my projects and he keeps bugging me! Following me around, asking if I want to do anything, asking if I finished the laundry, asking if I'm hungry, etc, etc. Grrrrrrr. It hasn't held me back though! Look! It's a BUP! And it fits! I think I look a little like Liza Minelli. It's the eyes. A little spacey. Next up...All the seaming is done. Most of the ends are woven in. Now, about that zipper! On the list for tonight. I wonder if I'll be able to get the guy off his rear to take a decent picture! We have a visitor at our house. This is Billie. She's staying for the weekend. She hides out in the basement. Last, but no where near least...Ella and her amazing eyes.


The seaming has started! Hood done! seems the pattern issue I had discussed with Nora has become a reality. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? The pattern called for turning to make the hood shaping. That's some fine shaping isn't it! Nora had the same problem. She stitched hers closed. I'm thinking of a more original approach. What about a tassel? I'll put some more thought into it tonight. Ahhhh...a quiet moment with Buddy and Monk.


Pre blocked BUP pics. I'm blocking it tonight and it should loosen up. My gangsta look. I think I look like I'd love to bust a cap in somebody's ass! Happy look. The guy does make me smile. I finished this BUP today while at the Vancouver Airport waiting for my father. He's looking better! Got a haircut since I last saw him. He was flying through YVR on his way up to Northern BC for a fishing trip. Always good to catch him on the way up. On the way back he's been in the bush for a couple weeks and hasn't showered and, well, he stinks. I love him but he stinks. Sorry, pops! The airport is pretty cool. I think the renovation/expansion that was done is great. Sure it cost me $18 to park in the parkade next to the International Arrivals gate but I did get to see sights like this Notice the guy on the left. Ouch! How about this sculpture? I love the way the marble on the floor looks like water and the paddles are dipping into it. Pretty cool, huh? Last pic today. Hmmmmm... Knitting and dogs and me all in one entry! I think it's a new record!


No knittin' so how about a kitten? Or a scary puppy? Or maybe this adorable one?


I'm having too much fun! Presenting The Greyhound Truth a short film by The Guy. Please be patient while the film downloads. Shhhhh...the movie's starting...


Look! She's blocking! Photos taken with my NEW Nikon 3200 Coolpix! How about a pooper pic? How cool is this?!


Pit update. New stick lasts till about one o clock. Not bad. I may have to move into the man scents. Cabled hoodie is blocking. Another BUP is on the needles. TTFN!


I did it! I finished the knitting of the Cabled Hoodie! She's downstairs getting ready for her blocking. Now just assembly and the scary zipper! I blocked my BUP as it was a little big on me. Well, now it's way too big on me. I threw it in a hot wash and a hot dryer to see if it would shrink up but I dare say it got bigger. I think the rayon in the yarn has gone slack and the cotton has tightened up! Making it the same as when I started out. I'm off to try another one. I have some indigo dyed cotton that may work great. Then again I could end up with another tureen for my head. Cabled Hoodie's almost done!


You'll never believe it. I am finishing the hood to the Cabled Hoodie! AND! I knocked off a Bottoms Up Bucket! A fun little pattern. Quick and easy and rewarding. Nice break from the woes of Cabledom. Why the Cable today? Because it's c-o-o-l. Overcast and showers today. Lovely! I'm having pit issues at work. It's so stinking hot that my deodorant fails me around 11am. So today I bought a new brand. I'll let you know how it fares. Only my third deodorant in a month! July is my favourite month. Birthday month! Today I've been spoiled with a new book and some brunch. Ahhh, the luxury!


Happy Canada Day!!!! Best wishes from Ande and The Fish!


Ugh. What a day. *phew* Computers went tits up at 5pm. A busload of people showed up at 5:05pm. Got home at 7:30pm. Discovered pupchuk in the bedroom. Big pupchuk. Grooooossssssss! So I dealt with that. Now I think I need a stiff drink.


Say it like The Donald! It's Eewge! That's a queen sized comforter folded in there! More than enough room for the towels, books and beer! And my little Sarah.


Finished! The Savary Beach Bag will be having it's photo shoot today and those shall be posted tomorrow! I'm very pleased with it. For not having a pattern I think it turned out great. I finally did decide on the handles. Obviously, if I finished it! Now all I need is a beach! Picked up and put down the hood to the Cabled Hoodie. Today I think I may have to finish it up. It's hogging the needles I need for the next (maybe) project. I also want to start a pair of little sweaters for my ex's kids. They will be coming for a visit in Aug-Sept. So I have a few months there. Better get started now. At my pace I will never finish in time. Funny puppy story. Yesterday I had a blanket out on the back lawn so I could sit in the sun. Later I came outside to empty the compost. As I came back from the compost pile I saw Ella doing the pouncy dance on a lump under the blanket. Ugh! It could be a skunk, a 'coon, a 'possum! My mind was racing and I was petrified to pull the blanket back. Ella meanwhile, was giving the lump a couple more swipes and pounces. I heard a shaky meow from under there and as I tossed the blanket back Buddy staggered out. A little worse for wear but okay. I bet she doesn't hide under the blanket again for a while! I coulda bean a contendah!


I've named it. The Savary Beach Bag. I'm still deciding on the handles. The guy and I are having differing opinions. I know, what was I thinking asking him his opinion on MY knitting? I should be done today and pictures on Monday! WooHoo! I've been keeping track of what I've been doing and should be able to put in in cohesive order on paper to resemble a pattern. It's been cool enough the last few days to be working on my Cabled Hoodie. Today I planned to devote some time to it. Guess what? It's dawned sunny and hot! Curses! I went to the Mall yesterday with specific needs. I needed a couple more balls of Lily's Sugar 'n Cream Cotton in the Playtime colourway. Warning: Don't make the same mistake I just did. It's not Eeek! Quite an eyeball assault first thing in the am! And all the other porn pop ups froze my 'puter so I had to restart. Damn, I hate that, the restarting. Har har har. I picked up the last two balls of this colour and when I got to the counter to pay I had pulled out some US cash while I was digging around for my bank card. The sales lady intoned "We don't take US money here." Kinda like the same tone in the movie where the new guy gets asked "You ain't from around here, are ya?" It was a little strange. When I was in Cali I picked up a Lancome compact that had eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. I liked the lipcolour so much that I thought I better buy it. Thing is there's no indication on the compact I have as to what colour the lipstick is. It told me what kind it was but I was on my own for the colour. Sheesh. If I had the colour name I wouldn't have had to try all those lovely lipsticks. I ended up with (check the lower left hand side for the colours) Siesmic and Maniac. Mmmmm. My lips feels so yummy in them! And of course I had to have the latest, greatest Mascara! There was a quick hundred bucks. Then I went to find new sneakers for work. My pair from last year are falling apart. I can't figure out how I spent over $125 on a pair of shoes and they only lasted me a summer? I know what failed me was the design. The sole has started to peel off from either side of the shoe at the ball of my foot. I realize that I slide side to side at work a lot and drag my foot. So I went to find shoes that had a solid base. No stuck on thin rubber sole. Every shoe store had a sale and every shoe store was sold out of my size in what I wanted. Niiiiice. I ended up at Payless and nabbed a pair of white sneaks for 15 bucks. Who cares this year if they only last a summer! I'm going to go outside and sit in the sun before it gets too hot. Maybe I'll make a pedicure appointment later!


Woooo! So exciting! I think it's going to be cool. We shall see.


Depression has set in. I'm seriously down in the dumps about my MIT leaving. How much longer do I have to wear all the hats? I'm so tired. I just want to focus on one job and do it extremely well. Enough with this spread thin, all around, too much to do to do it completely thing! Argh! Worse is that no one else knows! He and I are like a couple who's divorcing but still likes each other and he hasn't moved out yet. It's a little weird. I'm sure that people think there's something else going on. There's been a lot of long looks, pats on the back and hugs between us. I'm really going to miss him. Anyone out there want to take on a rental office? Crochet bag has the bottom done. I'm going to start the mesh in a few more rows. I'm uploading a pic in the am from the Clie. Ella is having some summer issues. Every night at about 3 am the local skunks pass between our house and the one next to us. As soon as she smells them she jumps up and runs to the office and hides, trembling like a leaf for about an hour. I have no idea what a skunk did to her in the past but it seems that it wasn't pleasant. She's such a goofy poopy!


I've stopped wondering if it can get any hotter. Everytime I do, it does! Work woes. My manager in training has decided that maybe this isn't for him. Too bad as we LOVE him! He does say that it's the hours that made him decide. He loves the staff and all the customers but he's got kids and they need to see him too. I totally understand. His advantage is that his kids can feed themselves. My furkids still need to be hand fed! Ha Ha! Now I may have to have a bit of a breakdown or hire 3 more staff members. I set aside my Cabled Hoodie for a rainy day. I started on a cotton string bag for the beach. I'm trying to keep track of my pattern. I'm crocheting it! CROCHET! So the pattern may be a little funky as I have no idea what the different stitches are called. I'm working on it. Watched Mystic River last night. I have read all of Dennis Lehane's books and this was great. It was long enough since I had read the book that I didn't remember all the details. I'd recommend it. Also a note. We're going to have to buy a DVD player. All the new release rentals are offered in both VHS and DVD but if you miss getting it as a new release, TOUGH! Dvd's only. Our luddite days are over. Sigh.


Hooweee! Issa hot 'un out they ear! So glad we have a/c at work. Not too keen on our super new shirts. Coolmax, my eye! Sweat to the max is more like it! Poopers are hot. So am I. Phew.


Is it me? Here's a fun way to waste an hour. Thanks to Mimoknits for the fun link!


Today I decided to go get some new Teva's. My old pair has finally given up. The velcro doesn't stick anymore and somebody's dog chewed through most of one of the straps. I really like the old school style. The Originals. No frou frou, just nice and basic. I have bony feet so I can't have a lot of stiff leather or extra doodads rubbing against my feet. So I found a pair today! I'm not thrilled with the webbing pattern but my feet are happy. I also spied a pair of these. I love them! They fit my skinny, bony feet and are super comfy. No extra stuff to cut into my feet. I have happy, happy feet today. Also stopped by Laramy (no web link as the site is currently under construction) a local manufacturer of some really cool stuff. They had Kangaroos! I couldn't find a pair that would work for work but I did spy these leather slides that I think my niece would die for! I also came home with this really cute tee! It took about 1/2 an hour but we were well tired of the whole mall experience. Jammed with people and it wasn't even a weekend! We had a nice lunch then wandered home. To a fabulous puppy greeting! Since it was Africa hot here today the girls have had baths and are smelling like fresh puppies. Now I'm all sweaty. Eeeewwww. Now I think I'll cool off with a frosty beverage and sit and knit! And do laundry and clean the bathroom and do the dishes...ugh. Kitten pic. Man, he is so fat!


I have no idea where the time goes and how quickly it slips away! How did we get so far into the week and into June!? It's summer at the office. We started to wear our shorts and sneaks. A little more self tanner and we'll be okay. I have to manage not to close car doors on my legs. I'm sporting another spectacular bruise! Damn truck attacked me! I've also noticed that since we switched to shorts I'm getting seriously zapped everytime I get out of a car. Static electricity! I slide out and grab the car door and wham! Ouch. It really hurts after a while. Last year I had the same problem and I figured out it was because under all my fabulous cotton clothes I had on synthetic unmentionables. Switched to cotton and all is good! This year we will not be so lucky. Our shirts are a high tech sport polyester. I have a tingling feeling in my fingers that I'm going to keep getting zapped. Anyone know how I could painlessly ground myself when I get out of a car? Cabled Hoodie suffered a setback. More of a stall. I had to ask for some advice from Nora seeing as she recently completed the sweater. All is well! It's the patterns problem and it's not me. Thanks to Nora for all the help! Props, sister! I've been cameraless for over a week. The bosses digicam had to take a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I've been cruising the Sony site to figure out if I have earned enough points on my credit card to get one of these babies! Pooper pic? Of course! Goofy Poopy Ella and the guy! How about this! The Golden Gate Bridge. What a cool site! I read an amazing article in a magazine (I think it was The New Yorker, must have been, I was at the doctor's office) about how the Golden Gate draws people to jump off it. Yep, jumpers. So interesting! It was all about what happens when you jump off, why the county won't put up a fence, who's lived to tell about it. Really, really fascinating stuff.


Ahhhh...home sweet home. I made a little switch at work. I'm going to work Sunday so I'm taking today and tomorrow off! Just to make it a proper restful weekend! So far I've had a 3 hour nap and have progressed halfway through my Cabled Hoodie's hoodie!I Dare say I see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying to maintain my focus as I have a couple of quick projects that want to distract me. I will not start a new project until I finish this one! I do have my friends birdcage cover to complete. It's been well over a month since I decided to take on that project. My goal is to whip it up tomorrow. I'll prewash the fabric tonight. I also found a pattern for Thai Fisherman's pants so I may have a sewful day tomorrow! I was over at Rock Chick's the other day and saw a link to these fantastic pants! I plan to make some pants for work as well as a pair for going out. Just have to find the perfect fabric! Then I spied the Vintage Vouge section and died and went to heaven. This beauty is on it's way with the pant pattern. I have some beautiful crepe backed satin for this in black. Where am I going to wear it? I don't know. At least I'll have something to wear! By the way the patterns were 50% off. More than enough saved to cover the exchange rate and the shipping! Right now, Buddy is making a giant pain of herself by walking all over the keyboard and bumping her head into my hands. Forgive any spelling errors please! Now back to the Cabled Hoodie!


I finished the sleeves on my Cabled Hoodie! WooHoo! Now I'm working on the hood. Small, almost issue was the casting on stitches at the beginning of the row. I was like, what the...? but I pulled out my knit bible and figured it out. I'm feeling a little proud of myself! All my extra hours and whirlwind trip are catching up with me. I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and hung over. If I had drank the night before I would understand the headache, wooziness and dry mouth. I decided to sleep in and go into the office a little later in the morning. I got there and did a few things then I got turned around and sent home. So I've been lazing on the couch knitting up a storm. I'm tired, tired, tired. Physically and emotionally. I usually can pull it together to help people and be very nice and polite but the last couple days I haven't even been able to do that. I feel I've been a giant 'B' to some of those folks! If one was you I'm sorry! Really! Now back to the couch. Godspeed, Ray Charles.


I got a new t-shirt. Too funny!


I'm home! What a whirlwind trip. Next time we go for a week at least! First things first. It was, like, Africa hot. 95 degrees (35 for the metric minded) when we arrived. Needless to say we were overdressed. A quick trip to Old Navy solved our clothing problem. Now I'm set for the summer! My niece and nephew are pretty damn cool. When I first saw my niece it was like looking at my sister. They are very similar looking down to the curly, curly eyelashes! My nephew looks a lot like my father when he was young. Their adoptive parents did a bang-up job. These are two well-mannered, respectful, delightful young adults. A little more life experience and they'll be ready for whatever life throws at them. They've got a great solid foundation to build on. I'm so glad they got the stability of a family as they grew up. When my parents split up I found it weird to find stability. It was only after my mom remarried and things settled down that I felt comfortable again. I realize now that is what every child needs. A family they can count on. A family that sticks together and supports each other. No matter what they do or say that they are going to be loved no matter what. We did so much that there's just too much to go into. We put at least 800 miles (1287 kms) on our rental car! The little town I grew up in is growing like mad and I don't like it! I want it to stay like it was! I got to see my brother and one of his daughters. I saw my father and my step mom. We stayed with my mom's oldest friend. I saw friends I used to hang out with as a kid. I saw old family friends I haven't seen in years. We even found a little time to hit the casino. Thank goodness they're open 24 hours! I didn't with the million dollar jackpot but I did try. I'm very glad I took today off work. There wasn't a day on the trip that we got to bed before 1am! Now I must head up to the grocery store. I need moo juice. Then I can make a coffee. A real coffee..mmmmmm.


Solution to squinting? Sunglasses! These are some Gucci's that were left in a rental. Amazing what you can find in the lost and found! Do you like? One more sleep! Or kinda sleep as we have to be at the airport at 5am!


I tried to get a pic of my new, new, hair today. New, new as in new red. But it was a little bright outside. My bright, red streaks showed up great but I had to squint so I looked very angry and OLD! I deleted that picture. Nuff said. I can't believe I leave the day after tomorrow! I can't wait! I've got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. Maybe I can leave early...Hm... Pooper pic Oh, I almost forgot. My newest celebrity boyfriend was in again. He is so cute and polite! Love him!


When your hair diva decides to take the summer off you have to take your hair into your own hands. I trust no one else with my hair. Once when my hair diva was away I chanced a trip to another very well known and very expensive salon. It was a $200 mistake. Yes, I spent $200 on my hair. I don't anymore. So I've decided to leave it. It's gotten past the really annoying 'in your eyes' phase and the basic style it is should grow out nicely. I did colour it though. And highlighted it. I could use a little more practice but I think it turned out fine. At least all the greys are covered and I don't have 3 inches of different coloured roots. My hair grows super fast. By the time the hair diva returns it should be past my shoulders. I think tonight I'll put in some bright red streaks and be done with it! I'm never going to finish my Cabled Hoodie by my self imposed deadline. I would have if I hadn't lost a couple of those Saturdays to the office. Damn! Work is getting in the way of my knitting time! I'll be packing a couple projects along for the trip as I know my mother will look at what I'm working on and ask if she can knit a few rows. I'll be bringing along a project of her very own. Maybe a BUP . Or a maybe one of these super scubbies! Just enough to keep her interested and away from my sweater!


speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla I had one of these as a kid and I loved it! I guess I really am a big ol' nerd after all!


I made it. A day off tomorrow! I was glad I went in to help the girls. They needed it and they were appreciative. All I need is a pat on the back once in a while. No losers today! One 'B' but she doesn't count. The guy rented The Return of the King last night. Giant spiders should be censored. Argh! I just about turned inside out when that scene played! Moving horror story. I have a friend who bought a house and is to take possession tomorrow. The people in the house HAVEN"T EVEN PACKED YET! Can you freaking believe it? New thing I learned about myself. At hour 65 of the week my back really starts to hurt and I understand the meaning of the saying 'my dogs are barking'! I just talked to my father in Cali. I was his birthday the day before yesterday. I remembered yesterday. Runs in the family. So I haven't told him I'm coming down! It's going to be a surprise! I told him tonight that I was putting his present in the mail and it shoudl get there late in the week! Wahoo! God, I hope he doesn't have a stroke at the sight of me! And my bad, bad hair.


I am very sad. I have no new hair. I was all set to go direct from work. I had all my little sweaters packed up to pass out. I was excited about what kind of new hair I was going to get. I was going to set the boys up and get everything done so I could leave early. Not so. We got slammed at about 3. It didn't let up until after 6. I got home at 7:30. I had to make a tearful call to my hair diva and cancel. Then I find out that she's taking the summer off and won't be back until September! Gah!!! I get to work tomorrow. That will make 70 hours this week! Then Whiney the Pooh had the GALL to ask me if I was coming in Sunday to help out! find a happy place-find a happy place-find a happy place 5 days and counting till I leave on that jet plane!


Where are we? Wednesday? Sheesh! Work is almost wonderful. Most staff seem happy, nice customers and crappy weather. We did get to see this hunk again. Billy. I've been instructed not to call him Mr. Campbell anymore. This photos not the greatest but it looks more like the Billy we see. Add a beard and it's him! Very handsome, tall and polite. Unlike some of our other higher maintenance folks. You know, the ones that want a blue car, any blue will do and then decide not -that- blue. We're down to the 7 day countdown before my trip! Tomorrow I get new hair! And I'm going to hand out all my little sweaters I've made! They all live over on the 'new family' side of the river! I'll try to get pics, really I will! I've been thinking about what to give my niece and nephew when I see them. I do have some jewelry that was my sisters so that takes care of the niece but what about the nephew? Is he really going to want those turquoise earrings? Or the cow magnets? Or any of the scads of cow stuff? Really? I want to give him something that was his mom's. I'm going to have to dig deeper into the box of things I inherited. This is proving to be quite difficult. I'm at the sleeve cap shaping for my Cabled Hoodie. Then the hood. Then the finishing. Then I'm done!


Another day, another dollar. Today I went in to work with the express task of clearing out the 'craptastic basket'. The basket where stuff that you need to get done but have no time gets tossed into and forgotten about. I myself am guilty of tossing things into the basket and not dealing with them in a timely fashion. I completed 8 accident files that were in there! Everytime I completed one I would run it up to the courier bag singing the theme to Rocky and doing my best impersonation of Sylvester Stallone. By noon I had cleared the basket out of everything except 2 items that are waiting for authorization! WooHoo! I was so proud that I rewarded myself with the rest of the day off. What a lovely day it's been. Sunny and hot! I got home and the guy decided he wanted to take me out to lunch at our favourite mexican place on English Bay. The mexican place is no longer there. Hm. We ended up at The Boathouse and had a great lunch. The ceasar was a little stiff and I ended up giggling the afternoon away! Such a cool place to watch all those fit people rollerblade by. My guy rules. Now he's going to make me beef tenderloin for dinner. I am s-p-o-i-l-e-d! Picture time! Sarah will try to squeeze into any place beside you no matter how small.


Gah, out damn spot! Out, Out! The 'L' is still on my forehead! It seems to have faded a bit and is not sending out the loser beacon as loudly as earlier this week. Yet still they migrate to me like moths to a flame. I think they love me because even though they're total jerks to me I still treat them nicely. I'm such a sucker! Knitting Mishap-I was supposed to increase every 6th row on the sleeve! I've been doing every 8th row! Damn it! Not so bad though. After I counted up how many increases I would have done for the rows I've knit I'm only out 2 increase rows. Phew. I think I'll live with it and that the stars above that I have arms like twigs! I think I may try a dishcloth or something just to take a break from it. But then how will I finish by my self imposed deadline? After all there's only 11 sleeps left till I go! Must go knit-must go knit-must go knit Pic of the day! Me!


Man, I've had the big 'L' on my forehead that last couple days! The one that sends out the tractor beam to all the losers and jerks and it pulls them in to the office. Then the voice tells them to pick the dark haired girl and be a complete asshole! I hope that wears off soon! I wonder if I can pass it on to someone else? I have been working and not knitting. I am bad, bad, bad. I planned to do my usual Saturday routine tomorrow but I have to work! Just 3 hours but it throws the pace of the day entirely out of whack! We have a very fine looking gentleman who passes by our office everyday. Chocolate Sundae with lovely long dreads. Usually about 3:15. We admire him as he strolls by and are quick to let everyone know that 'It's 3:15!" whenever he walks past. No matter what time of day it is!


Today I'm doing something I -never- do. I'm listening to music as I write this. I pulled up the iTunes and am wiggling my butt in my chair to Jamiroquai. I could get used to this! BRACE YOURSELVES! Actual freaking knitting. See I do knit! Just very slowly. Work news. I leave the office for 1/2 an hour and I miss this! Billy Campbell! Sheesh. Had a great weekend with the girls. I actually took a couple pictures of Sarah that shows some personality. Also my Ella was having a time as well! Now she a quivering blob of dog jello at my feet. The skies just opened up and it's pouring! Pounding on the roof! She's a bit of a wuss. But Jamiroquai seems to be making her feel better. It is feel good music! MMmmmm...I can smell the hot, wet, asphalt. I love that smell.